West Bengal Veterinary Council,

37, Khudiram Bose Sarani,

Belgachia, Kolkata - 700037

Phone: 033 2556 4218


Council Activities

    1) Mandatory Activities

  • Regulate veterinary practice.
  • Registration of Veterinary Practitioners and issues the certificate of registration as per provision of section 24 of the I.V.C. Act, 1984 along with replica card/identity card.
  • Prepare State Veterinary Register as per the provisions of section 44(2) of Indian Veterinary Council Act,1984.
  • Furnish copies of the State Veterinary Register to Veterinary Council of India as per provisions of section 23(4) of the Act.
  • Renewal of registration (as per provisions of Sec.52 of the Act.)
  • Removal of name from the Register (as per provision of section 52 & 49(1) of the Act.)
  • Transfer of Registration to other State Veterinary Council (as per provision of section 52 of the Act.)
  • Conduct Council election for formation of Council Board.
  • Issuing of Provisional registration of internees after successful completion of B.V.Sc. & A.H.
  • Council implement the standard professional conduct, Etiquette and code of Ethics for Veterinary Practitioners under provision of Indian Veterinary Council Act, 1984.
  • 2) Other Activities

    Besides mandatory responsibilities Council has discharges the following other activities:

  • Organize workshops, Seminars and other technical programmes for updating the knowledge of field veterinarians as a part of continuing Veterinary Education Programme.
  • Provide its infrastructures like auditorium, conference hall and guest house to the Deptt. of A.R.D. and other organizations to perform their different technical as well as official programmes.
  • Council has maintained a good library with recent edition of Standard Volumes of books on clinical and non-clinical subjects.
  • Council has its own website in which records of registration, renewal, address change, qualification and other related matter are regularly update for providing necessary information to the veterinarians.