West Bengal Veterinary Council,

37, Khudiram Bose Sarani,

Belgachia, Kolkata - 700037

Phone: 033 2556 4218


Revenue Generation During 2016 - 2017

Renewal FeesRs. 7065.00
Registration FeesRs. 800.00
Restoration Of Registration FeesRs. 2585.00
Additional Qualification FeesRs. 850.00
Provisional Registration Certificate FeesRs. 495.00
FinesRs. 51770.00
Sales of FormRs. 13480.00
Identity Card FeesRs. 7450.00
Sale Of BookletsRs. 3580.00
Rental Charges Received From Conference Hall, Training Hall, Auditorium etcRs. 102600.00
Rental Charges of Guest RoomRs. 508300.00
Duplicate Certificate Fees NIL

Achievements 2016 - 2017

No. of Registration carried out since inception of the Council3680
No. of Identify Cards issued during 2016-17149
No. of Registration of Additional Qualification during 2016-1717
No. of Transfer of Registration during 2016-1705
No of Restoration of Registration during 2016-17103
No. of Provisional Registration Certificate issued33
No. of Registration Renewal471
No. of Fresh Registration33